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5 | Transvaal War of Independence 1880-1881

The Battle of Lang’s (Laing’s) Nek

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Laing's Nek, North Umzimyathi, KwaZulu-Natal

501 | 28th January 1881 (Laing’s Nek is the name that has come down through history) The British forces intent on relieving Read More →

The Battle of Schuinshoogte

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Battle of Schuinshoogte, Ingogo, KwaZulu Natal

502 | 8th February 1881 Having repulsed the British forces at Laing’s Nek the Transvaal Burghers then started to harass the Read More →

Fort Mistake

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Fort Mistake, Glencoe Area, KwaZulu Natal

503 | Mkupe Pass on the N11. British signalling post built during the war. On east side of N11 overlooking Read More →

The Battle of Majuba

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The Battle of Majuba, Newcastle Area, KwaZulu Natal

504 | Sunday 27th February 1881 On the night of Saturday 26th February the British Gen. Sir George Pomeroy Colley occupied Read More →

O’Neil’s Cottage

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O'Neill's Cottage, Newcastle Area, KwaZulu Natal

505 | During the Transvaal War of Independence 1880-81 the cottage, home of Eugene O'Neill, which lay in “no mans Read More →

Fort Amiel Museum

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Fort Amiel, 4 Fort Street, Amiel Park, Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal

506 | Fort Amiel was opened as the Cultural History Museum of Newcastle in 1990 at the restored British military Read More →

Mount Prospect Cemetery

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Mount Prospect Cemetery, Newcastle Area, KwaZulu Natal

507 | This is the site of the British camp and Military Cemetery during the Transvaal War of Independence 1880-81 Read More →