Alastair Heron

Alastair Heron – specialist, qualified Battlefield and Cultural guide who is in the process of reading History and Psychology through UNISA.
Manager of family owned Spion Kop Lodge from where one is able to experience Tours of the Kwa Zulu Natal Battlefields.
Other options available are: Birding, Sunset Boat Cruises, and Hiking Trips to the San Rock Art Paintings.


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Allan Gordon

Allan Gordon is a registered tour guide who has a passionate interest in the battles of the South Africa African War, the Anglo-Zulu War and the First Boer War. He is a keen amateur historian and an accomplished and avid collector of military medals. Through his passion for medals, their history and their owners, Allan offers a unique, fascinating and interactive battlefield touring “experience-with-a-difference”.


Tel:+27 82 455 9279

Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman was awarded the KwaZulu Natal Service Excellence Award – Best Tourist Guide of the Year, 2008-2009. He has led many general and specialist tours within KwaZulu Natal and South Africa and has established a reputation as a professional and accomplished Guide/lecturer with an easy going but informative manner. Anthony is also an accredited Trainer and assessor for Tourist Guides and is a qualified National Guide. He has consistently been complemented as being passionate knowledgeable and fair in his narration of the incredible events that have made our history the most remarkable in the world. TKZN 2008-2009. More information →


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Bornwell Masuku

Bornwell Masuku is the collections manager and education officer at Talana Museum. He has shown considerable interest in the museum collections and in explaining them, particularly to school groups.

He has a deep interest in Zulu cultural history, the battlefields and coal mining.


Tel: 073 385 7382

Brandyne Arendse

Brandyne Arendse is a qualified battlefields guide for KZN. His passion for the history of this province has taken him to the remotest corners and investigated sites way of the beaten track. His wide knowledge of remote areas and seldom visited sites is remarkable and he is constantly out and about visiting sites and listening to the stories from people in these areas.


Tel: 082 775 2400

Bryan Mncube

Bryan Mncube was brought up in Rorke’s Drift. Since his childhood, he has done a lot of travelling and working in Europe and in a number of other countries within Africa. He comes from a Marketing and Logistics background, but has always been passionate about South Africa’s remarkable history- in particular the history surrounding the Zulu War, and about sharing these amazing stories of human courage and endeavor with the world.

There are many powerful lessons that are to be extracted from these subjects. Bryan has learnt that the stories that he tells on the Battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are not just stories about conflict; these are stories about human beings, and about compassion. For Bryan, being back home and telling his home stories, sharing this platform with the best lecturers in the field, and being part of keeping the legacy of David Rattray alive through the magic of the story, is an absolute honour.


Tel: 034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172

Bryan van Schaik

Has had a strong interest in the South Africa battlefields since high school days. Studied first year anthropology and psychology with UNISA specializing in the Battlefields region. Qualified guide.


Cell:+27(0)78 519 4451

Tel/Fax:+27(0)31 207 2728

Christian Parkinson

Christian Parkinson has a passion for military history and exploring the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal. As well as guiding, he also runs the popular Redcoat History Podcast and YouTube channel which examines the campaigns of the British army during the Georgian and Victorian eras. His tours currently focus on the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. For more information, please visit his website


Cell:+27 60 991 8671

Colin Sellen King

LINGUISTIC ABILITY: Fluent in English and Afrikaans.
Specialises in KWAZULU-NATAL, but also a Provincial Guide, Culture and Nature for Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces as well as being registered as a Swaziland Tourist Guide.

Colin qualified as a Tourist Guide in 1999 and commenced as a Freelance Tour Guide. From 2003, until early 2008, Colin was a fulltime Guide and admin assistant with a Durban based Tour Company. In 2008, he reverted to freelance guiding and as sole proprietor of his own touring business. Viewfinder Guided Tours and Safaris. He has association with Thompsons Touring, Shaka Tours, Discover Durban Tours, Ricksha Tours, and Safaris for Africa who request his services as a Battlefields Guide.

Personal interaction and association many of the other battlefield guides helped to develop an enthusiasm for the KZN Battlefields.

Colin is a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate Tour Guide who thoroughly enjoys his Tourism involvement, particularly in the areas of Culture, Historical Battlefields and Wildlife.

2014 Nominee Lilizela awards.


Tel:031 464 0060

Cell:083 303 7099

Danie du Preez

Danie du Preez is a Provincial Tour guide (KZN 1191). He has travelled throughout Southern Africa hitchhiking, camping, caravanning, motor biking and obviously by car. Guiding offered to Anglo Boer, Anglo Zulu and Voortrekker battlefields and sites (Spionkop, Colenso, Islandwana, Rorkes drift, Blood River, Blaauwkrans, etc). He also offers Nature and Cultural guiding, giving you the opportunity to also enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the Drakensberg, Zululand and the cultural diversity of its people.


Tel:+27(0)036 631 1131 / +27(0)82 493 5465

Armstrong, Des PG Voortrekker, Second Anglo Boer War

Desmond Armstrong

Based in Howick, Desmond has a strong affiliation for his Irish roots and the Irish connection with the battlefields of KZN. A tour with him brings out of the Irish blarney, poetry and tales of the men and their links with the “home country”. Over thirty years of reading about and travelling around the area has given him an extensive knowledge of the battlefields from a very different perspective. More information →


Tel:033 330 8390 / 083 449 7709

Don Botterill

Don Botterill is a KZN registered tour guide specialising in one and two day tours to the Battlefields. His interest in Battlefields history stems from the involvement of his great grandfather who was sent to South Africa as part of Lord Chelmsford’s forces in 1878 resulting in four generations of his family becoming born and bred KZ Natalians. Don’s tours are personalised single party groups in a reliable and comfortable vehicle with all permits and licences in place. Visitors gain a true understanding of Zulu and Boer history and culture of the times as well as British Colonial attitudes.Don brings the battles back to life by explaining the strategies and retracting the footprints of the combatants and discussing the bravery and suffering of the men involved and examining the weapons of the time. More information →


Tel:+27(0)031 764 3063 / +27(0)82 456 1805

Douglas Rattray

From a very young age, Doug had an interest in all matters military; particularly the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. He certainly shared his late father’s enthusiasm for the rich history of our area. Doug is passionate about Fugitives’ Drift, having returned at the age of 24 after having completed his diploma in nature conservation.

Following in David’s footsteps, Doug embarked on his first UK tour in June 2019. During this tour, he gave several independent talks at various organisations, spoke at a large private event at Chelsea Old Town Hall, and was an invited guest to speak at the well-regarding Chalke Valley History Festival.


Tel:034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172

Elisabeth Durham

Elisabeth Durham was born in France and regularly conducts tours in both English and French. She is also available as a translator for French speaking groups. She conducts tours to Isandlwana, Rorke’s Drift, Talana, the site where Louis Napoleon, Prince Imperial of France was killed. More information →

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Tel:+27(0)34 212 1014 / +27(0)72 779 5949

Elizabeth Spiret

Elizabeth (Liz) Spiret was born and educated in the UK. She served as museum assistant in the Siege Museum for 8 years, is a trustee of the Siege Museum and a committee member of Ladysmith Historical Society. Her particular interest is the Siege of Ladysmith and surrounding battles of the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902. She has conducted tours around these sites for many years.


Tel:+27(0)36 637 7702 / +27(0)72 262 9669

George Mitchell-Innes

George Mitchell-Innes lives on his farm at Elandslaagte and from this base conducts guests on tours of the Elandslaagte battlefield and other sites in the Ladysmith area. He has an excellent collection of material relating to the battle of Elandslaagte.


Tel:+27(0)36 421 1860 / +27(0)82 734 3118

Johann Hamman

Johann Hamman is a KZN Provincial Guide who has a BA degree in Military History, as well as two Masters degrees in Law and Political Science. He has guided people from around the world to several Anglo Zulu War and Boer War battlefields in Kwazulu-Natal and the Free State, and passionately believes that a people who denies its history, does not deserve its future. He has four ancestors who fought in the battle of Blood River and one who fought on Spioenkop. He is a former Namibian police officer, born in Windhoek, Namibia, and he travelled extensively in Europe, and jointly operates with his wife Michele out of his B&B called History’s Walk, in Dundee. More information →


Tel:+27(0)82 267 2527

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith was a schoolmaster at Kearsney College for 30 years where he organised and conducted many safaris/tours throughout South Africa and overseas. He is a qualified and registered National Tour Guide, KZN 1894, and is able to guide you through all nine South African Provinces. His love for, and interest in, the environment, both past and present, has led him into taking safaris through Battlefield Sites and Game Reserves throughout Southern Africa. Kevin provides a Personal Brochure for each client with photographs taken at the various monuments and then cut + pasted into notes, maps and diagrams of each of the battles visited. Together with detailed information on all Battle Sites in the country and from the constellations of our night sky in terms of astronomy and astrology to biogeography, ecology, animal, bird identification to trees in term of names, traditional uses and superstitions, Kevin is able to bring your surroundings both past and present to life. More information →

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Tel: 084 555 9600

Mphiwa Ntanzi

His passion for the Anglo-Zulu war began at an early age after having been told the stories of both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather’s bravery fighting for the Zulu’s during the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

This has equipped him with unique accounts and knowledge of this part of South African history. He is part of the Fugitive’s Drift team.


Tel:034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172

Norman Leveridge

Norman Leveridge works at Talana museum as a part time research assistant and archivist. He has always been interested in the history of the area as he lives on a historic farm and has a passion about military uniforms and the blockhouses of the Anglo Boer War.

Working with documents in the archives has given him unique access to local and detailed information about the battlefield sites.

He is also a registered nature guide.


Tel:081 809 7243

Pam McFadden

Pam McFadden, a graduate of the University of Natal and University of South Africa, has done considerable field research into the military conflicts fought in KwaZulu Natal and has regularly conducted tours around these sites for over 40 years. She has had 4 books published on the battles of the area. As Curator of the Talana Museum since 1983 she has been responsible for the development of the museum and battlefield which is acknowledged as being one of the finest in South Africa. She is an Honorary Life Member of the Battlefields Guides Association in recognition of all the years of guiding, training and promotion she has done for the area and professional tour guiding.


Tel:+27 79 490 5933

Pat Rundgren

Pat Rundgren has operated for many years as a registered military specialist guide in the Dundee area. Formerly in the Rhodesian Security Services, Pat is a collector of militaria and has just completed his second book. He regularly contributes articles to overseas military history and collectors magazines. He organises adventure tours, hikes, white water rafting, Zulu cultural and battlefields tours. More information →

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Tel:+27(0)34 212 4560 / +27(0)72 803 2885

Paul Garner

Paul Garner is a guide with over 20 years experience leading tours in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, including expiditions in search of the Lost City of the Kalahari. These tours go under the unlikely names of The Lost Trails of Zululand and The Sounds of Beethoven in the Bush. He has an abiding passion for Africa, its history, fauna and flora, with a special interest in Birding, Battlefields and Rock Art. He is an Honorary officer of KZN Wildlife, an active member of The Wildlife and Environmental Society, The Endangered Wildlife Trust, Birdlife South Africa and the South African Archaeological Society. He is also a lay minister in his local church.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 1931 / +27(0)82 472 3912

Pierre Duval

Pierre Duval has an unbelievable love for South Africa. Since a child he has grabbed every opportunity to explore the countryside. While specializing in nature, Pierre has an excellent knowledge of the country’s historical and cultural side. He is one of the few tour guides that are accredited on a national level, allowing him to tour the whole country. He has been guiding full time since 1998, and is the owner of BushBaby Safaris.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 3216 / +27(0)82 466 8350

Raymond Heron

Owner of Spion Kop Lodge – Specialist South African War raconteur and registered guide will accompany you to the many historic sights of the KwaZulu Natal Battlefields. With his passion and unique ability, Raymond transports you back in time, using the theatre of the mind as he paints vivid pictures of the personal trauma and military mindset of the time, which resulted in the slaughter of so many British and South African Soldiers, enabling you, to relive the past that changed our future as you walk in the footsteps of great leaders. Kate Turkington refers to Raymond as “An Historian and Raconteur Supreme!” Daily Tours to the Battlefields.


Tel:+27(0)36 488 1404 / +27(0)82 573 0224/5

Rob Caskie

Rob Caskie works on a freelance basis involved heavily in lectures on the Anglo-Zulu War. Rob Caskie is a charismatic and engaging story teller whose imaginative talks are lifelike as he takes you through the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. Based in Howick and is available to guests who wish to engage his services.


Tel:+27(0)82 4000 470

Ron Gold

Ron Gold was born in the heartland of old Zululand. During his travels he has acquired an intimate knowledge of the customs, history and tradition of the “people of heaven” who live in the Kingdom of the Zulu. A lifelong interest in military history has led to Ron’s present occupation – probably better described as a passion – that of specialist battlefields guide. He has developed a range of day and multi-day tours of Anglo Zulu War (1879) and Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) sites. Time spent with him on any of these famous battlefields will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

An accredited culture guide, Ron can not only guide you, but also plan your holiday to, not only the battlefields, but KwaZulu Natal’s many other attractions – Zulu culture, “Big 5” country, The Drakensberg Range – Bushmen Rock Art, etc. Experience “Africa in one Province”. More information →


Tel:+27 83 556 4068

Sahara Wulfsohn

Sahara Wulfsohn is a qualified Field and Mountain Guide.
He hails from Durban, but has spent many hours of his youth on the KwaZulu Natal battlefields hiking and gathering interesting information for his tours. His grandfather wrote 2 books on the Boer War and this is where Sahara’s expertise lies. Sahara joined the guiding team at Three Tree Hill in 2022, and is mentored by resident guides Ron Gold & Simon Blackburn.


Tel:+27 84 975 4060

Sean Friend

Sean Friend is a Specialist History Guide based in Newcastle. He takes tours to the 1879 Zulu War and 1899 Boer War sites but Majuba Mountain and the battles of the Transvaal War of Independence are his favourites.
He also does lectures on the SADF in the Angolan / SWA Border War.


Tel:+27 82 367 9100

Shelldon Wells

Shelldon Wells is a tour guides based in the city of Durban, South Africa. He regularly take visitors on guided tours to Rorkes Drift, Isandlwana and many other battlefields of the Anglo Zulu war. He offers options of day tours, overnight and multi-day tours and has a collection service from your accommodation in the Durban or surrounding areas. See website for further information.


Tel:+27 (0) 74 995 6669 / +27 (0) 31 762 3374

Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn, with wife Cheryl co-owner of Three Tree Hill Lodge at Spioenkop.
He has BSc Hons in Zoology and started guiding in 1994 – 10 yrs at Singita, 3 yrs Kwando Safaris, Botswana, 2 yrs at Three Trees at Spionkop.
FGASA Level III DG Nature Guide, SATOUR Kzn Tourist Guide #112, Botswana qualified guide. Specialize in Walking Trails in Big 5 areas, and History of AB War with emphasis on Spionkop and Colenso PDP.


Tel:+27(0)36 448 1171 / +27(0)82 379 1864

Simon Haw

Simon Haw has been taking tours since 1974. Most of these have been school tours and have covered sites as far away as Kimberley and Mafikeng. His career included twenty years of teaching mostly History. He was subsequently promoted first as an educational researcher and then for the last twelve years as a History subject advisor. He retired at the end of 2007 and is now an accredited KZN tour guide with a particular but not exclusive interest in battlefield tours. He is the author of For “Hearth and Home”: The story of Maritzburg College and “Bearing Witness” a history of the Witness newspaper, as well as contributing to a number of current History and Social Science textbooks.


Tel:+27(0)33 343 3847 / +27(0)82 824 8326

Vincent Horn

Vincent is a Provincial Nature and Culture guide, (Reg no:1204) he grew up in the Ladysmith / Colenso area. Vincent conducts tours to all the Battlefields in KZN. (Spioenkop, Colenso, Ladysmith, Isandlwana, Rorke’s drift etc)

Special interest is the digital capturing of all monuments, war graves and battlefield sites.


Tel:036 631 0740 / 083 781 0740

Warwick Baker

Warwick Baker is a specialist battlefields guide based in Durban. His interest in battlefields of KZN stems from childhood. An avid collector of Africana, he has done considerable research over the years and presents a view that is totally unbiased. Warwick tailors tours to suit client’s needs. He is also a provincial guide for KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, wild life and rock art.


Tel:+27(0)31 267 1163 / +27(0)82 417 5248