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08N | The area of Blaauwbosch was bought in 1895 by a private syndicate consisting of 31 Christian Zulu landowners. The elegant Methodist Church and School was built in 1912 of local sandstone and umGabaan stone. From 19117 to 1918 the well known Chief Albert Luthuli (1898-1967) was appointed the principal of the tiny intermediate school. He took lodgings with the Xaba family, an evangelist family of the church. Active in politics, he later became President General of the African National Congress(ANC) and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his non-violent struggle against apartheid in 1960.

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  • As the Chaiperson/Founder of the Chief Albert Luthuli Legacy Heritage in Blaauwbosch and a founder member of the Luthuli Legacy Heritage Project at the Blaauwbosch Primary School in classrooms 17 & 18 where he taught in 1917 to 1918 to me is inspiring indeed

    • Good day Mendo im thulane kindly advise what is the procedure if one want to start skills development centre at blaauwbosch

      • Thulani ‘am terrible apologetic to have missed your message this long man! You on spot, for new news and free of charge for the first time in the history of Newcastle, the present Mayor hails from Blaauwbosch and uNdlunkulu uNtokozo Mayisela wife to ISilo uMisuzulu is from Blaauwbosch what do you read from that mate! look Thulani let us communicate seriously I am available at 0764592255, on e-mail; hoping to hear from you soon best regards

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