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12 March1879

At Myer’s Drift on the eNtombe River, in the very early hours in the morning a Zulu force led by Chief Mbelini attacked a military convoy encamped on the banks of the river en route to Lüneburg. The convoy was overrun and most of the men and wagon drivers massacred with only a handful of men lead by Sgt Booth fighting their way out. No fee.

There is no on site information and the battlefield is very difficult to find.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing our history, ive always wondered what was that tombstone for, im learning today. big-up

  • This narrative is a bit if not all one sided,I am a descendant of the “Amagonondo people” which nothing is made mention of in most narratives and visuals.The Amagonondo people made mention of above are/were under the Chieftaincy of Inkosi Magonondo Kubeka,a chieftaincy that was under the Zulu kingdom.Over the years I’ve been studying orally,visually and written history related to “The battle of eNtombe”.
    My greatest wish is for this narratives to be put together and have an all sided information regarding this,one thing to note is that “Mbili I” was “Swati” and of the Royal Swazi regime and in no way he could’ve led the “AmaZulu” into war… I am extending a hand in learning and assistance making and preservation of this heritage and the history thereof.

    *May we come together and share this much needed historical data?
    *Much still needs to be done on the actual site….

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