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505 | During the Transvaal War of Independence 1880-81 the cottage, home of Eugene O’Neill, which lay in “no mans land” between the British and Burgher forces became a makeshift hospital for British after their defeat at Majuba and there are graves on the site. The peace treaty ending the war was negotiated here and over a period of some 21 days in March 1881 it had seated in its parlour Paul Kruger, President Brand, Marthinus Pretorius, Commandant Gen. Piet Joubert, Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood, Col. R. Buller, Major Clarke and Capt Roberts as well as several others. The entrance to the cottage is directly off the N11.

Visitors are welcome to view the newly restored cottage with inside display area between 8am and 4pm, every day of the week.

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  • wow! where does the name Eugene come from? it was Richard Charles O’Neil that lived here. can you site the source of you information?

    • Our forefather was Richard Charles O’Neil not Eugene!. If you want the real story and pics please contact me.
      My mom’s mother was Cornelia Catharine (Dolly) O’Neil, daughter of John Charles O’Neil, son of Patrick O’Neil etc.
      I’ll give you the bloodline up till Richard who came to SA from India as Britis officer to subdue the boers but became a boer himself.
      Please contact me for correct info.
      Thank you

  • Using other sources of information, I have been researching this area unsuccessfully for several years.

    My inquiry you direct to the museum was addressed to literally within hours. Excellent service – thanks.

  • The O`Neils are family on my mother`s side. Thanks to all involved in the restoration. What a joy to see this historic site recovered from the dilapidation and vandalism that threatened to reduce it to rubble.

  • Hi my name is John Patrick O’Neil and my brother is Richard Owen O’Neil. We kind of lost contact with the O’Neil side of the family as my mother divorced my dad , Patrick Burnett O’Neil when I was two. Love to hear from you.
    Good news about the cottage. I was there about 15 years ago and was disappointed at the state

  • If there is any information you need regarding the O’Neill’s, I might be able to help. The O’Neill’s married the Groblers, who then married the Du Plessis. My grand – and great grandparents told me the history and I have been doing research for a while now.

  • My late father was Patrick O’Neil, my brother is Johannes Wilhelm O’Neil and his son is Patrick John Wesley O’Neil. The correct spelling is O’Neil and not O’Neill which has caused a lot of controversy among the O’Neil’s about the spelling.
    Richard Charles O’Neil was the owner of the O’Neil cottage and not Eugene as per history told from one generation to the other.

    • Goeie dag, enige famielie van Daniel Johannes of ( Dan John ) O’ Neill wat saam met die boere in Cylon n gevangene was.

  • Hi, my name is Richard O’Neil and Richard Charles O’Neil was my great, great Grandfather. It was an honor to be there at the opening of the restored cottage and I am grateful for the part that our family played in our history.

    • Hi there must have been very special to be at the restaurant opening. My gran was an O Neil I think she was Maria Magdelena. Do you have the family history?

  • Can anyone tell me whether the O’Neil family had interests in either of the Farms “Belfast”, “Lands End” or “Manning” which lie north of Majuba Mountain and west of Charleston?

    • 26th April 2020
      Hi Cousin
      So nice to meet you
      Yes! Richard Charles O’Neil came from Belfast Northern Ireland and bought land in SA which he named Belfast.
      Coal was discovered on Belfast.
      I have the whole history info and pics.
      Please contact me 0847203404
      Please give me a call and come for tea.
      My dad, Stephanus Hermanus Du Plessis married Helena Johanna Nel.
      Her mom was Cornelia Catharina (Dolly) O’Neil who Martie Jan Hendrink Nel.
      I found my Ouma Dolly’s brother Johannes Albertus O’Neils kids but they’re not receptive.
      My telephone is 0847203404
      My cousin Johan Nel +27 82 619 2286
      Hava fab day
      Martha Louisa (Marty) du Plessis

      • Hi Marty. I am Elizabeth Maria Catharina O’Neill Tagg. My ggggrandfather was Richard Charles O’Neill, his son John James was my Gg grandfather and his son Nicholas Casparus born 1858 was my G grandfather. Nicholas had a son born to him 6 months after his death, my grandfather, Matthew (Matewis) John O’Neill. born 1891. He had a son named Andries O’Neill, my father. My mother was Elizabeth Maria Catharina Nel, her father was Daniel C F Nel and her mother was Anna van de Venter. It sounds very much like we are related in some way. Hope to hear from u. We have copies of birth and death certificates to prove our heritage.

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          I am Paul Smale. My grandmother was Susanna Magrita O’Neal. We assume that Mattheus Johannes O’Neal is my dad’s grandfather.

          We have the original baptism certificates for Mattheus Johannes born in 1891 and a baptism certificate for Mattheus Johannes born 1922.

          We also have the original death certificate for Mattheus Johannes born 1891 with the date of death 1966.

          If we could perhaps talk over whatsapp or something similar we could maybe exchange some information.

          Paul – 0662055087

      • Hello Marty, my name is Mandy Edwards, (nee Scott). My grandmother was Maria Magdalena O’Neil, she was 1 of 13 children and as far as I know was born in the concentration camp in Bloemfontein. I also only knew 1 of her sisters, Anna Hayward, who lived on a small holding in Brakpan. My gran had 5 children, one of them being my dad, Charles Edward Scott. Him and his siblings all went to school in Belfast as thats where my gran grew up. I think that we are from John O’NEIL’s side of the family but am not even sure of that. I would love to be in contact with you. My email is . Look forward to hearing from you

  • I’m trying to do my family tree and a relative remembered my Grandmother mentioning this cottage. I wonder if anyone would be interested in me running a few names past them? I’m looking for a specific few graves.

    • Hi Michelle. I am also busy with the family tree. I will help out and share what I found if there is names that I recognize .


  • I was wondering if anyone will reply to my request. I really am interested in finding my ancestors before Richard Charles came to South Africa. I have trailed my ancestors back to Matthew St John O’Neill in the 16th Century, the Baron of Dungannon. The name Matthew John O’Neill have been in our family back as far as IMatthew St. John O’neill He was the illigitimate son of Con Mor, 1st Earl of Tyrone. I am willing to chat and exchange names and dates with anyone interested.

  • Hello Marty
    Did you receive the What’sApp I sent you this morning with regard my Grandparent Stephen Gregory and Ellen Norah o’Neill?

  • There is a lot of confusion with the genealogy of the “O’Ns” in South Africa! The range is: O’Neil, O’Neill, O’Niell, O’Neale – more detailed study necessary, as the surname changes according to the genealogical records.

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