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Pat RundgrenPat Rundgren was born in Kenya and grew up in Bechuanaland and Rhodesia. He has nearly 10 years infantry experience as a former member of the Rhodesian Security Services.

He is passionate about and has a deep knowledge of the battles, the bush and Zulu culture. He has written numerous articles on military subjects and militaria collecting for overseas publications, has contributed to several books and is currently busy with his eighth book . His wide ranging knowledge and over 20 years guiding experience and unique story telling will bring events alive to his listeners.

His books “What REALLY happened at Rorke’s Drift?” and on Isandlwana and Talana have gone into a number of reprints. He is a collector of militaria with special focus on medals. He organises and conducts tours around the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal and tours into Zululand to experience traditional and authentic Zulu culture and life style.

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  • We have recently returned from South Africa and took a full day tour with Pat. We had a great day and would have no hesitation of recommending Pat to anyone visiting the area. He is a very witty man and has is own views about the battles at Rourkes Drift and Isandlawana. It was very informative and he has a great passion for what he does.

    Thanks Pat

    Best regards Paul and Alice

  • Hi Pat, have told Keith M about our meeting and your very informative guide to BR, Isan and RD.

    Thanks again for a very informative and comprehensive tour. I’m sure you’ll remember the was the incident with the kid but kids will be kids, I suppose.

    Cheers, P & S.

  • Today completed a tour with Pat of Rorke’s drift and Isandlwana. As I had taken a tour before, (I was with visitors) was thinking it would be repetitive. Not so. Pat is extremely well informed, and was able to provide a fresh perspective to the events which unfolded here. He is also a goldmine for interesting nuggets of information, and kept up our interest all day.

    Would certainly recommend,


  • We spent Saturday 10th September with Pat doing the Rorke’s Drift area.. My brother, who lives in Natal,and is not into history or the military, was horrified when he discovered that the trip would take all day. Pat was brilliant and brought the whole thing alive with humour and knowledge. After some 7 hours my brother said ‘I did not know history could be so interesting’. Well done Pat. We enjoyed our time with you!!!

  • Dear Mr Pat Rundgren
    My name is Cherie Pet and I am the chairperson of the Coastal Principals association. Each year in August we hold a educational conference for 35 principals in KZN. This year we will be staying at the Battlefields resort just outside Dundee.
    Dave at the resort suggested I contact you in regard to our group doing a tour of the Blood river area and Isandwana
    Our conference starts on the 2 August and that afternoon we thought we would like to visit the Blood river site and on The Thursday morning the Isandwana site.
    1 Would you be available to conduct a group of 35 principals around either of these sites on Wednesday 2 August in pm or Thursday 4 August am ?
    2 what would the cost be pp or for the whole group ?
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Cherie Pet

  • We had a great day tour with Pat on the 11th May to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift which was the highlight of our trip to KZN. Informative and witty with plenty of different insights, we’re looking forward to returning and seeing some of the other battlefields with him.

  • Hi Pat ,
    Thanks for a great day spent with you at RD and Isandlwana.
    We hope to see you again soon at the re-enactment. It really was worth every cent.
    Siyabonga kakhulu!!!
    John and Elaine Dockney

  • We had a wonderful day with Pat on 28th October, visiting Rorke’s Drfit, Isandlwana and Blood River. Pat really knows his stuff, but tells the stories in such a wonderfully engaging way that one is never bored. A dash of humour, of skepticism in some of the official accounts, and then the real facts and figures behind these battles makes for a really enjoyable day. highly recommended.
    Thanks, Pat
    Carole and John

  • Hello Mr. Rundgren,

    I have just read the obituary of Ian Lewis today and there was a photograph of him and a lady at a cenotaph somewhere. Please can you let me know where it was and who the lady is. She so looks like my late mother and I know she a twin sister and I am just wonder could it be her.

    Kind regards

    Elizabeth hammergren Smith

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