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The Dundee Diehards re-enactment team is a volunteer, non-profit organisation that was formed in 1999, originally to re-enact the Battle of Talana at the centenary of the battle. The group has since grown and become well known nationally and even internationally, performing battle re-enactments, displays, parades and guards of honour throughout South Africa and taking part in several movies, television series, documentaries etc. having been commissioned by the BBC, SABC, National Geographic and M-Net. The Diehards have also performed in front of the Duke of Kent and other foreign ambassadors and dignitaries.

Famous battles of the Anglo Zulu and Anglo Boer Wars have become the team’s speciality. The group relies heavily on donations and sponsorships, either financial or material for the success of their events and historically correct equipment is continually being sought.

Contact Details

Team Leader: Gavin Slater Cell 084 485 9173 or e-mail:
Secretary: Alex Donaldson Cell 072 984 6438 or e-mail:
Treasurer: Johann Hamman Cell 082 267 2527 or e-mail:

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