Battle of uThukela (Tugela) Heights

Inniskilling Graves Hart’s Hill

12-28 February 1900

In a massive combined operation General Buller’s troops fought numerous battles on the south bank of the Thukela River: Cingolo Hill, Monte Cristo, Green Hill, Hlangwane – followed by a series of operations on the north bank – Colenso Koppies, Wynne’s Hills, Inniskilling (Hart’s) Hill, Railway Hill, before finally breaking through the Boer lines at Pieters Ridge opening the way to relieving Ladysmith.

Turn off on road between Colenso/Ladysmith towards Ezakheni/Newcastle. There are numerous military cemeteries in the area, especially below Hart’s Hill and Pieters Ridge.

These sites are not easy to access and there is no on site information so the use of a Guide is recommended to enhance the experience of the site. The sites on the north bank are situated on private property and permission must be obtained before visiting them – especially Wynne Hill, which forms part of a “Big 5” private game reserve.

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