For maximum pleasure and understanding visiting the Battlefields should not be done in an haphazard manner, but rather one should choose an era, war or campaign and then select the sites you want to visit. To assist you in this respect we have divided the route into the various eras and wars and listed the sites accordingly.

Whether you choose to use the services of a specialist guide, and for maximum enjoyment we always advise you to do so, or whether you are guiding yourself, it is always advisable to read up a little on the sites and war before making your visit. For this reason you will find reference to various books and authors that are specialists in their field. We also recommend that you have a good road map in your vehicle at all times.

The contents of this site are not intended as a source of historical reference but merely to provide the visitor to the region with some background knowledge of the events that took place and what they can expect to find on the site.

Most visitors drive to accommodation near the sites they wish to visit and then either drive themselves to the sites they want to see or organise with a Guide to go with them to the sites. However if they do not want to use their own car, they can engage a guide who will take them. There are also guides who will collect from points like Durban and Johannesburg and take clients to the sites requested by their clients.

It should be noted that there is a fair amount of travelling on gravel roads, but those to all the major sites are generally passable for your average car except at the height of the rainy season in January and February when you need to check the condition before hand.

Lang’s NekMount Prospect cemetery

24th Regt Memorial Isandlwana 24th Regt Memorial Isandlwana

eMakhosini Ophate Heritage Park Zulu Memorial – Emakosini Valley

Blood River BattlefieldMemorial Wagon – Blood River

Rock 75“Rock 75” with the large 75 painted on it by the men of the 75th Regt. on their way to the San Caves

Isandlwana BattlefieldIsandlwana

The Battle of MajubaMajuba Mountain

Battle of TshaneniBattle of Tshaneni

Elandslaagte BattlefieldBoer Memorial – Elandslaagte