Talana Museum, Battlefield and Heritage Park

20 October 1899

Talana Museum, situated three kilometres outside Dundee on the Vryheid road, is no repository of old and dusty relics, ancient tomes and yellowing photographs. Established in 1982 to coincide with the centenary of Dundee, the name Talana is Zulu and means “the shelf where precious items are kept”

Dundee, was named by Peter Smith, who came from a small village near Dundee, Scotland. The battle of Talana took place across these peaceful lawns on Friday 20 October 1899. The verandahs of the Smith cottage and Talana house were used as British dressing stations during the battle. The plantations of gum trees have been retained as they were used by the British troops for cover. This is a unique museum as it is the only one in South Africa, on a battlefield, where the buildings from the time of the conflict still exist. However, we offer much much, more than just the battlefield and military history.

Situated on some 40 acres of park-like ground, the museum houses extensive collections relating to the area’s rich coal mining history, glassworks, agriculture, cultural diversity and, of course, the exceptional military heritage of the area. The extensive archival collections provide exceptional material for searches into your family history, the battles of the area and information of the town and farming community.

The Miners Rest restaurant and Museum Shop have earned a reputation for excellent meals and curios.

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  1. The Museum is in a very good condition. The exhibits in the main building is stunning. The staff is helpful and friendly. We enjoyed the visit immensely.

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