Lancaster Hill

Lancaster hill

11-12 December 1900

The hill overlooking Vryheid was occupied by 900 men of the Lancaster Regt who fortified the position with trenches and gun positions. During the night of 11-12 December 1900 Boers of Gen Louis Botha’s second invasion force attacked the position but after fierce fighting were driven off having inflicting some serious casualties on the British including Lt Col Gawne the commanding officer.

Self guided trail with brochure. Part of Vryheid Nature Reserve.

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  1. It is a pity that this site (and reserve) are so neglected. There is hardly any signposting in the town (Vryheid) and no-one we asked for directions knew about it! We were there on a weekend so perhaps tourist information might have helped us if it was a weekday, but still – some roads signs would have been enough. Then there is no sign post on the dirt road in the park to the monument. The inscription is in need of restoration. It’s an interesting site and a beautiful location. It deserves more TLC.

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