The Battle of Lang’s (Laing’s) Nek

28th January 1881

(Laing’s Nek is the name that has come down through history)

The British forces intent on relieving the British garrisons besieged in the Transvaal tried to break through the Burghers’ defensive line running from the edge of Majuba Mountain across the road at Laing’s Nek and over the adjacent hillside but were repulsed with heavy losses to the 58th Regiment who tried to storm the hill to the east of the Pass. The monument to the 58th Regiment and the mass graves are at the far end of the hill to the east of the road. The site is accessible via 4×4 track over the hill or a 20min walk from the N11.

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  1. The Name ” Langs Nek ” came from my great great great great Grandfather , William Timothy Lang , who donated the land to the government in order for them to build the tunnel.

    More information can be collected from my mother ( Alice Walker , nee Laing (, who has copies of all the original Documents to verify this .

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