All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church

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“The original church was built in 1882 with cut flagstone quarried from the town lands. Referred to as the “Soldiers’ Church” it is renowned for its beautiful marble tablets in the transept, bearing the names of more than 3000 British soldiers who gave their lives during the Siege and Relief of Ladysmith. After 1902 the transept was extended.

A perfect 6-inch hole in the porch roof can be seen from the northern side where a shell from the Long Tom on Pepworth Hill struck on the 20th November 1899. The base of the shell was embedded into the wall when it was repaired. The Long Tom which caused the damage was later moved to Gun Hill where on the night of the 7/8 December it was damaged by the British during a night sortie.

The all Saints Church is one of Ladysmith’s treasures. Among the many and priceless stained glass windows are two depicting War and Peace.
The Monument to the 18th Hussars

The names of all the members of the 18th Hussars who died during the entire war period from 1899 to 1902 are listed on the marble obelisk in the grounds.”

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  1. I have just found my granddad, Major Henry william Denne,
    He died 21st Oct 1899 at the battle of Elandslaagte.
    His son Major Victor Alexander Harry Denne ( my dad) was born 9th Dec 1899. he never met his dad.
    But I will be heading south to pay my respects in the new year
    many thanks for your help.
    Micky Denne

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