Birthplace of General Louis Botha

Born 1862

The eighth of 13 children, Botha was to become the Acting Commandant-General of the ZAR forces, distinguishing himself at Colenso and Spioenkop. After the war he went on to become first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa in 1910.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Brendan Botha, I am the great-great-grandson of General Louis Botha. I have only in recent years become interested in my families history and the general history of our country. If you have any material or pictures or memorabilia of his, I would love to see it and to chat.

    To give my lineage, my mother Linda Botha is the daughter of Louis Botha the son of Philip Botha (his first wife) son of General Louis Botha.

    Brendan Botha

    1. Hi
      can you please assist me. I am trying to find the parents of Dina Jurina Wesselina Botha x Matthys Johannes Wessels ( Thys Langberg Vrede) They have a daughter Philippa Botha Wessels x Oswald Glutz. According to her ,her father was Phillip Botha .General Louis Botha was Phillips uncle. This is all I have. Looking for the Phillips full name ,his wife and his parents. maybe you have information. Thanks
      C Nel (Wessels)

    2. Hello Brendan. I am also family of General Louis Botha on my mothers side she was a Botha. Her grandfather and General Louis Botha were cousins.

  2. Hi Brendan, I believe My Great Grandfather, was the district surgeon in Greytown at the time General Louis Botha was born and it is said that he brought General Botha into the wold. His name was Dr.Kan,from Holland.

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