Gqokli Hill Battlefield

This is the site of the epic battle in April 1818 between the forces of King Shaka and Chief Zwide of the Ndwandwe community. Shaka had concealed his civilian population and livestock in the Mhlatuze River valley but left a decoy herd at nearby kwaBulawayo. The Ndwandwe were led by Nomahlanjana, son of Zwide and attacked the Zulus in several phases. The final stage was in the form of a battering ram, which was countered by the chest of the Zulu army and then surrounded by the Zulu right and left horns, inflicting heavy casualties on the Ndwandwe.

About 10 kms south-west of Ulundi. View point is on the R66 road to Ulundi. While there is an interpretive panel at the view point, the use of a Guide is recommended to enhance the experience of the site.

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  1. I do not agree with your view that the King Zwide of the NDWANDWE Clan was a chief to me that is an insult to say a king is a chief while as Shaka by any measures was the chief of the Zulu’s a small clan under his father Senzangakhona who also was a chief under the protection of the MTHETHWA Clan under King Dingiswayo.

    King Zwide of the Ndwandwe clan had no chiefs under his rule and dormain only him as supreme king only the Mthethwas and the Zulus on their rise gave refuge to those fearing for their lives and submitted to be ruled

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