The town was named Pomeroy after Sir George Pomeroy Colley who led the ill-fated British force during the Battle of Majuba Hill in 1881.

It was established as the Gordon Memorial Mission in 1867 in memory of James Henry Hamilton-Gordon, the son of George Hamilton-Gordon, 5th Earl of Aberdeen. The mission worked with the Zulus.

Pomeroy was further developed by the Boodhoo family. The first 2 stores were started by the late Mr Boodhoo who was succeeded by Herman Boodhoo who further established a Toy Manufacturing shop and the first supermarkets, Boodhoo Bros and Boodhoo & Sons.  Other members of the family succeeded them and the town is still held together by the supermarket’s and stores built by the great Boodhoo Dynasty.

The ruins of Fort Bengough still exist on the outskirts of the town.

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