Rifleman’s Post

Rifleman’s Post

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“The 2nd Battalion Kings Royal Rifles began building Rifleman’s Post on 1st November 1899.

Sited on the western perimeter the Post was manned by two companies of the regiment under the command of Shakerly and Ward who had their men building abutments and traverses using stones and corrugated iron.

The outside of the Post was protected with barbed wires. A further 6 mounted infantrymen were deployed between Rifleman’s and Range Posts with the footbridge at the bottom of the Post manned by three-half companies by day and two and a half companies by night.

On 6th December 1899 A and D companies 2nd Battalion Kings Royal Rifles under Captain Gosling occupied the Post and on 2nd February 1900 two guns were put into position. By the 14th February 1900 there were four 15 pound guns and a Maxim manned by the 69th Battery Royal Field Artillery. There is a record of two men being slightly injured on 14th February 1900 by a shrapnel shell, one from the Royal Field Artillery and the other from the Kings Royal Rifles.”
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