Elandslaagte Battlefield

21 October 1899

The Boers occupied the railway Station on the 20th October and early the following morning a British mounted patrol with artillery shelled them. The Boers withdrew, took up a position on high ground overlooking the railway line and their guns forced the British to withdraw. Reinforcements were despatched from Ladysmith and the British subsequently executed a classic conventional attack that resulted in a staggering defeat of Gen. Jan Kock’s Boer force.

On the R602 near junction with N11 between Ladysmith and Newcastle. There is no on site information and the use of a Guide is recommended to enhance the experience of the site.

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  1. I have visited my grandfather ‘s headstone 3 times recently, Major H.W. Denne. Denne 2nd batt’ Gordon Highlanders perished 21-10-1899 @ approx. 17-00. he died before my father Major V.A.H Denne. Denne 2nd Batt Gordon Highlanders was born 09-12-1899
    a small but very well kept graveyard
    Micky Denne

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