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06 | In the middle of the Platrand overlooking Ladysmith is the Burgher Memorial. Unveiled in 1979 in honour of 781 Burghers who died during battles in Natal during the Anglo Boer War. The group of massive hands, six reaching up in faith and the seventh pointing downwards to symbolise “here”. The communal crypt in the centre contains the remains of 310 re-interred burghers.

A poem by Ernest van Heerden was translated into English by Prof. C. De Jong from Pretoria:

Through these hands a greater hand
Spread spilled blood so generously
That fingers point over hilly land
To plough fields from which freedom grows

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  • I am reading the novel by Peter Court, ‘Hear the Ringdove Call’. I am so moved by the real life human stories of people who were caught up in the Siege of Ladysmith and its aftermath.
    South Africans 2019 should learn lessons from this horrifying history of friends and neighbors who became enemies in war.

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