King Shaka’s Grave


King Shaka was buried here in 1828 after his assassination by his half brothers Dingane and Mhlangana while his army was on campaign. Alongside the grave is a monument erected from funds collected by the Zulu nation, initiated by King Solomon Nkayishana kaDinuzulu.

In the centre of town in King Shaka Street kwaDukuza (Stanger). Interpretation centre and DVD about King Shaka’s reign and assassination.

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      1. How come you survived the Genocide. Please revise learn our history dont just go about yelling Genocide for some era you were not in.

  1. Every empire has committed countless atrocities, massacres to rule. The Romans did it to the Carthaginians, even here at home, remember Boer concentration camps by the British? even the Dutch themselves committed genocide against the Khoi in the Cape.

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