Battle of Colenso 15th December 1899 – Gun Sites

15th December 1899

In the early stages of the Battle of Colenso, Co.l Long advanced his gun battery to this position where they came under devastating rifle fire from Boers position along the river bank. The Battery fought on, suffering severe losses, until the ammunition ran out and then the men took cover in a shallow donga behind the position. The report quickly spread that they had all been killed and Gen. Buller called for volunteers to salvage the guns. One of those who volunteered was Lt Freddy Roberts, only son of Field Marshall Lord Roberts. Although two of the twelve British Guns were recovered Lt Roberts was mortally wounded and Gen. Buller called off further attempts and abandoned the remaining guns and the men in the donga to the Boers who were lead by Gen. Louis Botha.

Markers indicate gun positions, sites of original monuments and position where Lieut. Roberts fell.

Turn in to Colenso town at south end and cross bridge over railway. Position is on east side of road. Follow the signs. There is no on site information regarding the Battle of Colenso and the use of a Guide is recommended to enhance the experience of the site.

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