Mpande’s Grave – Nodwengu Museum

Mpande’s Grave

King Mpande ruled Zululand from 1840 to 1872 and managed to live in harmony with both the Voortrekkers for the short time they governed Natal and later with the British. During his rule large numbers of Zulus migrated south and established themselves in Natal.

Mpande’s Grave and the Great Hut is situated in the centre of modern day Ulundi and can be visited daily. The site contains a memorial column, his grave and the large hut which includes some well displayed information on Mpande and the Zulu nation.

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  1. I’ve driven around the fence three times this week between the hours of 08:00 and 16:30. The gate is locked and no one is ever there to let one in to check things out…

    1. Unfortunately this site, like many Zulu Heritage sites is very sensitive and very difficult to access as we understand it needs the local chief’s approval and this is beyond the control of any tourism authority. We have forwarded your comment on to Ken Gillings and to AMAFA to see if they can assist you. Sadly this is all we can do.


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  2. A very informative site. I was very happy to read this history of the region. My family was transferred to Swaziland from a place called KwaNodwengu during these years. I wondered if I could get more information on the Shabalala clan at the time. Your help will be truly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Musa Shabalala

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