Naval Gun Shield

Naval Gun Shield

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Lt Egerton was the first person to die in the Siege of Ladysmith. He was mortally wounded on the 2nd November 1899. “Darkest of many dark days for the Naval Brigade was Thursday 2nd November, in the first day of the real siege, when communications with the outer world was practically cut off by the enemy, and when Lt Egerton lost his life.”

The gun shield is in the vicinity of Junction Hill on which the 4.7 inch Lady Anne Naval Gun was mounted. She was one of the naval guns that made it into Ladysmith on the last train.

It was here that Lt Egerton was hit by a shell from Pepworth Hill, striking his legs, to which he remarked: “This will put paid to my cricket, I’m afraid”. He died the same evening. In the interim he had been promoted to Commander.

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