Soofi Mosque

Soofi Mosque

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“The first Muslim traders came to Ladysmith in 1885. Showing honesty and courtesy as businessmen they were firm in their faith. With the moral and financial aid of the community, a wood and iron mosque was built in 1898.

Built by a renowned saint – Hazrah Soofie Saheb – sent as a missionary to South Africa from Hyerabad Deccan in 1895, he established thirteen mosques and thirty-six primary schools in South Africa.

The present mosque was built on the same site as the original one of Soofie Saheb. Muslim canon law decrees that a mosque must be built on the site where the original mosque stood.

The new mosque, built without specific plans by master builder “Chacha” Jamaloodeen, was completed during 1969 at an approximate cost of R70 000. It is accepted as one of the most beautiful in the Southern Hemisphere.”

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