The Battle of Schuinshoogte

8th February 1881

Having repulsed the British forces at Laing’s Nek the Transvaal Burghers then started to harass the British lines of communication between Newcastle and their camp at Mt. Prospect. Expecting a re-supply convoy from Newcastle on the 8th February Gen. Colley decided to take a show of force along the road to meet the wagons and escort them back to camp. However he was confronted by a Burgher force on the hills at Schuinshoogte and a fierce fire fight ensued with the British only being able to withdraw after nightfall in a thunderstorm.

The site is some 11km from the N11 on the “old road”. There are directions signs to the Battlefield from the N11 at the Ingogo junction and the R34. The site straddles the road and there are styles over the fences.

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