21st October 1837

The Trekkers reached this site in mid October and stayed through till mid November, sending out parties to find ways down the escarpment. On 12th November that Retief’s daughter Debora painted his name on a rock to mark his 57th birthday.

There are toilets and interpretive material on site.

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  1. Received details of this website from Dave Sutcliffe after I wrote a letter to the Sunday Times. I thought I had been to a lot of places – now there is so much more. Terrific- thanks Dave Sutcliffe.

  2. What a wonderful site, as an ardent armature historian I have found this site most helpful and informative, found so many new sites to visit and with the GPS coordinates no more driving up and down endless dirt roads. Looking forward to many more visits to the Natal Battle Fields. Well done and many thanks to the team who put this site together it seems to have been a labour of love.

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