Ladysmith ABW Cemetery

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“As you enter the cemetery on your right hand side you will find signs marking the way to the Anglo Boer War Cemetery which contains the graves of several of the “well known” characters of the Siege. (Note this is a lonely part of the Town and you are advised not to go alone)

Lt Egerton

Lt Egerton was the first person to die in the Siege of Ladysmith. He was mortally wounded on the 2nd November 1899. “Darkest of many dark days for the Naval Brigade was Thursday 2nd November, in the first day of the real siege, when communications with the outer world was practically cut off by the enemy, and when Lt Egerton lost his life.”

Dr Arthur Stark

“In the afternoon they buried Dr Stark in the cemetery between the river and the Helpmekaar Road. I don’t know what has become of a kitten he used to carry about with him in a basket…….”
(Story has it the cat moved in with Bella Craw and lived quite happily)

Lafone and Field

Officers of the Devonshire Regiment who were killed in the gallant bayonet charge at Wagon Hill on 6th January 1900.

Lord Ava

“If he could have recovered the doctors say he would have been paralysed or would have lost his memory. He was the best type of Englishman……”

GW Steevens (War Correspondent)

“A soft rain fell as we lowered the coffin by thin ropes into the grave. The Boer searchlight on Bulwana was sweeping the half circle of British Defences from end to end, and now and then opening its full white eye upon us, as though the enemy wondered what we were doing.”

Col Dick-Cunyngham VC

“An hour later six officers and six sergeants lowered his coffin into the grave, a short service was read, a stable lantern gave dim light. Those present could never forget the impression caused by the occasion and the surroundings.”

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