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214 | Piet Retief and his party were executed here on the orders of King Dingane. The Memorial is near King Dingane’s Royal Residence, Mgungundlovu. Retief and his party returned to Mgungundlovu in early February 1838 after recovering cattle from Sikonyela. After 4 days of discussion an agreement was drawn up between the King and the Trekkers giving them the right to settle a large part of what is now Natal. It is obvious however that Dingane was still suspicious of the Trekkers and as they were about to depart on Tuesday 6th February 1838, he invited them to ceremonial singing and dancing in the Royal enclosure. Unaware of the danger the Trekkers accepted and it is during this ceremony that the Zulus fell on the Trekkers and dragged them off to the hill of execution, kwaMatiwane, where they were put to death.

Off R34 near Ulundi.

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  • Family member, Dirk Aucamp was one of the Voortrekkers murdered with Piet Retief.
    His older brother, Joshua Aucamp would avenge his death some time later at the Battle of Blood River.
    Just as a matter of interest.

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